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MRI BOOKS 2Mirrored Reflected Image – Soul and Mind Together

Part 1 Childhood Trauma,

When many read childhood trauma, thoughts go to death of a parent, physical abuse or some other violent event.  But not all trauma is so obvious or dramatic.  Having an uncaring or absent parent, a verbally abusive household or experiencing a lack of encouragement or support causes unseen wounds that appear later in life as debilitating thoughts, feelings and fears about ones value and ability. Part one provides  steps to cognitive therapy, and help you create the habit of core affirming thoughts through mediation and techniques for interpreting life events.

Part 2 The Inner Child Overview,

In this session we learn the hierarchy of human needs, discover the masks regarding addictions, review the development of co-dependence and the cycle of shame and compulsive behavior. We then cover tools on how to overcome these ingrained thought processes to be utilized in real life.

Part 3 Creation of Intimate Relationships,

healing and re-parenting model, relational trauma reactions, mental defenses.  The tools of re-parenting yourself will be discussed in detail.  Information and resources for after workshop study are given on specific topics vital to the understanding of self and self-actualization.   Definitions and descriptions of common diagnoses, and common mental defenses are discussed in this powerful workshop.

Part 4 Explanation of Temperament,

discussion of temperament type, introduction to the ARNO temperament inventory and the opportunity to change your life forever with this amazing and purposeful 8 minute test are the focus of this workshop.